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    I downloaded the welcome bar, because I want to draw people’s attention to breaking news stories on my site. When nothing is breaking though, I’d like the ability to turn the welcome bar off. Is that possible with this current download or there a way it can be customized to enable turn-on/off by me?



    As of now, there is no on/off option but I will surely add this and in the next update.

    You can still do this though manually by dragging the welcome bar box to the GRAY sidebar drop-down menu area within your ‘Skin Editor’.

    This will keep all of your options saved and simply remove the welcome bar from your page. You can do this whenever you don’t have breaking news.

    When you want it to display again, you will find it within the drop-down list on your ‘Skin Editor’┬ápage, simply add it where it was before and you will have all the previous settings restored.

    *Be sure you don’t drag it to the PINK area or you will erase your settings*

    Hope this helps.



    Thanks Thomas. On a computer, that’s easy to do and in fact, I’ve done that for now. On an iPhone – not so easy – and fairly risky – and I manage the site from an iPhone while on the road. What is the character limit for the text message? I know there is one, because when I was testing, it stopped working till I shortened the headline. Perhaps using an over-long headline when I want to turn off could be a kludge work-around?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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